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ahhhhh my baby girl <3

a fic a day 001: of fansigns and cat ears

character: Boyfriend’s Jeongmin, You, a bit of Minwoo

word counts: 1,311 words

genre: pg-13 and fluffy

a/n: I’m sorry if this sucks TT I can’t say I’m satisfied with this, but I can’t say I’m not either. This is as cute as I planned it to be, but I thought it would be cheesier and I could make Jeongmin a bit cuter? I’m sorry because this is all that I could think about when seeing the photo. HE WAS JUST TOO CUTE I- ASDFGHJKL.;’

                Jeongmin kept on shifting on his seat restlessly; puffing his cheeks every now and then, getting squeals and screams from the rows in front of him. He then smiled widely, showing his white teeth and his infamous eye smiles, making girls all melt on their spots. He didn’t do all of these on purpose though, he was just bored. Really, really bored.

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a fic for a day (prologue)

Hi guys! So today I got a plan for starting this project: A Fic for A Day!

These fics will consist of my biases from groups A - Z (male groups only) and if the result were satisfying, I’d probably write for other members as well :3 so here’s the list:


100% - Sanghoon



B1A4 - CNU


BEASTDoojoon (I was torn between him or Dongwoon but I chose him)

BIG BANG - Seungri

BLOCK B - Undecided

BTOB - Sungjae

BOYFRIEND - Jeongmin




DMTN - Daniel


EXO - Baekhyun / Chanyeol / Lay


FT ISLAND - Seunghyun




JJ PROJECT - can be Jaebum or Jinyoung, or maybe both? c:



MYNAME - Gunwoo


SHINEE - Jonghyun



TASTY - Soryong

TEEN TOP - Changjo


U-KISS - Kevin


VIXX - Ken


ZE:A - Hyungsik / Siwan

I’m sorry this list lacks a lot :(

There are actually a lot of other groups that I know and listen to, but I just can’t bring myself to write a fic about them (2AM, 4Men, etc.) and I don’t really know about how they really are off-stage (Boys Republic, BTS, Dynamic Duo, LeesSang, Phantom, etc.). I’m sorry if the list is a bit short~ 

The fics will consist of one shots or two shots or even three shots (depending on how I feel like writing them) and they will vary in genre, from fluff, PG-13, angst, NC-17, smut until rated R (I swear I can write bdsm don’t doubt me). Both will depend on how I view the members :3

Oh and these fics consist of my biases from every group, so I’m sorry if those aren’t your biases! Also I probably will open up requests in the future n_n

That’s it for now~~ please look forward to this :)


crKimchic // DO NOT EDIT


Devoted + Eternal: '95 - Year of Youth x Class of Aegyo


Male idol :

  • 950120 Suwoong (Boys Republic)
  • 950205 Youngbin (ICONIZE)
  • 950206 Jongup (BAP)
  • 950227 Ricky (Teen Top)
  • 950314 Park Jibin (Actor)
  • 950416 Dooryut (ICONIZE)
  • 950424 Youngmin (Boyfriend)
  • 950424 Kwangmin (Boyfriend)
  • 950502 Sungjae (BTOB)
  • 950514 Youngwook (APeace)

to be very honest all my biases are in this list: TK, Changjo and Sungjae. Is it even okay to stan someone your age?

So… I watched this performance of BTOB yesterday. (I’m late, very late, beyond late even TT TT excuse me melodies)

And I really love the glowing eyes effect! I’ve seen BTOB with numerous colorful contacts but never have I seen this one. I’m not sure whether they’re actually contacts or not, but after a little research I did (and by research meaning a little google here and there) there are glow in the dark contacts. Honestly, I have never heard of glow in the dark contacts. They look really cool you know! So apparently people these days wear them for costume party / halloween party (either of which don’t exist in my country :( ) and they also come in various colors and motives. Check them out here.

Anyways, back to the topic. Some people said that they weren’t contacts, but special lighting effect. But I noticed that the lights in their eyes didn’t glow every time (and lights kept hitting on their face so I’m sure it wasn’t just special lighting effect). When they shone, you could see them glow on the area of their eyes, not their entire faces. I thought that if they were special lighting effect, the lights would shine all of their faces. I also found out that these kinds of glow in the dark contacts don’t go bright in the darkness, but they “have the ability to glow under UV light or black light.”


Do you see the lights on the top left and right of the edge and how they shone blue and stuffs? Other than giving of blue color, I figured they probably also shone UV light. Or maybe some other lights from the stage were turned on some time to give the glow in the dark effect. These lights were probably the ones that emitted UV light.

But hey! Either way, it’s a really amazing performance to watch. Might it be with contacts or special light ]ing effect, BTOB WAS DAE TO THE BAK!!! ^—^